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Our Services

First Coast Medical Center is here to serve you. Learn more about some of our services and our commitment to care below. Please give us a call with specific questions and our friendly and attentive front desk staff would be happy to speak with you.

Medical Treatment: Utilized for management of treatment provided, trigger point injections, if indicated, and for prescribing medications during acute phase of care.

Manual Medicine: Osteopathic and chiropractic care for relief of painful neck and back conditions as well as headaches and joint conditions.

Therapy Modalities: Moist heat, traction, dry hydrotherapy, diathermy, muscle simulation and mechanical massage tables.

Diagnostic Studies: Test results are faxed to the referring office and if indicated, the physician will call the referring physician, nurse case manager or adjuster to discuss objective findings. 

Comprehensive Charting: Each patient, after a comprehensive examination is carefully given a complete report of findings outline each step of care. Concise and specific notes are recorded to meet all medical/legal requirements. All notes meet the full requirements of the Medicare guidelines for CPT coding and documentations. 

Types of Cases: First Coast Medical Center specializes in the treatment or neuromusculoskeletal conditions from personal injuries, automobile accidents and neck and back pain conditions.

Referrals: We gladly accept referrals and follow up with timely reports and comprehensive updates. A synopsis of findings including areas treated, major symptoms, diagnosis and codes used, proposed treatment protocols as well as the treatment schedule will be provided once the initial patient workup is complete.

Multiple Services: Our multi-care center provides certified licensed healthcare professionals trained in musculoskeletal treatment and physical medicine. Treatment can be tailored to include medical, chiropractic or therapy modalities in any combination requested or prescribed by the referring physician.

Benefits of First Coast Medical Center

  • Same or next day appointments
  • Treatment protocols adjusted to your specifications
  • Three convenient locations in North Jacksonville (our Main Street office), downtown Jacksonville and Orange Park
  • Strict open communication policy
  • Insurance billing for patients and payment plans are available. We work with all automobile insurances and major health insurances as well as Medicare
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Medical recorders provided in a timely manner
  • Medical/Chiropractic work together to improve patient health for optimal care
  • Continuity of care between medical and chiropractic