Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at First Coast Medical Center

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle needs work and persistence. We often take our energy and health for granted, but our bodies can wear away. The most obvious symptom of this change is serious injuries and the inability to recover from significant pain. We have a solid recovery program to address the immediate injury and help the body heal. This method is the best way to prevent further injuries.

Repair vs. Healthy Lifestyle

We aim to provide our clients with healthy recovery and long-term wellness. This holistic care looks at the immediate injury and the body's makeup. From this care, we can diagnose how the body is trying to compensate for an injury and what might be the root cause. This common problem hides the real cause of an injury by sending pain signals to a different location in the body.

First Coast Medical Center in Orange Park or Jacksonville, FL, works tirelessly to provide long-term recovery solutions for our patients that don’t involve pharmaceuticals. This approach works well for chronic headaches, soft tissue damage, and nerve issues like Sciatica.

Treatments Provided

Our chiropractic team can address trauma, like those suffering from auto accidents and sports injuries. We also address whiplash, joint problems, and spine re-alignment needs for the neck, back, and limbs.

We have a serious problem with chronic headaches and migraine pain relief. Care providers regularly misunderstand this field because it doesn’t have visible symptoms. Our approach focuses on circulation and helping the body relax, removing tension and neck alignment problems contributing to headaches.

Our team can help with therapeutic exercise, medical massage, and physiotherapy. These treatments provide pain relief solutions that don’t involve pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractic Help at First Coast Medical Center

We encourage you to schedule an appointment at our center if you're seeking comprehensive medical care. Our committed healthcare professionals will work with you to diagnose, treat, and manage your condition, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

First Coast Medical Center in Jacksonville or Orange Park, FL, is here for you. We can tackle some of the most challenging issues with injuries. Give us a call at North Jacksonville (904) 854-1004, Downtown Jacksonville (904) 358-8692, or Orange Park (904) 278-7246 to schedule an appointment. We can provide a better option for injury recovery.