Your First Visit

Patient filling out patient forms
Patient Forms

Upon entering one of our offices, our friendly receptionists will request that you complete our new patient forms. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition so we can a perform the appropriate examinations and develop a personalized treatment plan for your recovery.

Consultation during first patient visit


Next, you will have a consultation with one of our providers or certified assistants to discuss your health history, your injuries, symptoms and any concerns you may have. This information will help our providers learn more about you and your injuries to know which exams and tests to run, determine what is injured and what we need to do to get you better.

Patient receiving first examination


After your consultation, we will perform a complete examination to check your muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves. We will also test your reflexes and flexibility. Other standard neurological, orthopedic, postural and physical tests will be performed as well; however, nothing will be done in our offices without
your clear understanding and consent.

Patient receives initial X-ray

X-Ray Studies

Depending on your specific condition, we may recommend X-rays as well. X-rays help us develop the most effective treatment plan for you and alert us of any serious spinal conditions.

Some conditions may also need evaluation with an MRI study. If your condition requires x-rays or an MRI, the doctor will discuss this with you in advance.

Doctor reports back to patient

Report of Findings

Once the information is collected and examinations are performed, you will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to discuss the examination results and any treatment that will be recommended. The doctor will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions. This report will outline:

  • What is causing your pain
  • What treatment will be recommended to help you
  • How long it will take before you begin to feel better
  • What things you can do at home to help support your recovery

Woman getting adjustment


After reviewing this information and discussing your concerns and questions, we will begin your personalized treatment. Your treatment may include spinal adjustments, physiotherapy, and/or medical treatment. Your treatment plan may change as your condition changes. Rest assured that our skilled, experienced health care providers are constantly evaluating your progress to help you achieve the best treatment results.

To stay healthy, patients should follow an ongoing wellness program

Home Care Measures

The providers may also recommend home care measures to support your recovery. These procedures vary from application of ice packs to active stretches and exercises. If any home care recommendations are needed for your condition, one of our providers will provide you with specific instructions for the best results.